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de Ridder Inc specializes in Enterprise Integration Architecture, ensuring a reusable, easy to maintain integration methodology. We can help you achieve success with nearly any IT initiative.

OrangePoint System Implementation & Enhancements
Whether the defects have piled up and a new release is required, or it's time for an entirely new SFA/CLM/DW/CM application, de Ridder has been there.

OrangePoint Data Architecture
Architecture assessments are required every few years, to ensure you are continuing along the road to a successful CRM vision.

OrangePoint Customer Master
Customers are the most common subject of an MDM solution, and by no coincidence, they are also the common entity used throughout your enterprise applications.

OrangePoint Data Integration
Data integration is not only about getting one application to talk to another. There is much more involved in a proper integration strategy.

OrangePoint Data Migration
The relevance, quantity and quality of data, as well as the methodology applied, are important aspects to consider while designing a data migration strategy.

OrangePoint Data Quality
Imagine using poor quality data that is inaccurate and hard to utilize, when making key business decisions. It happens all to often.

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