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Many corporations find themselves wondering if their current architecture is to blame for issues such as Data Quality, latency, ‘silo’ing, and slow turnaround for business requests.

In fact architecture, or lack of proper integration, is quite commonly the cause of such issues and other problems effecting the realization of CRM visions like accurate business forecasting, the resulting business decisions, and eventually, corporate performance.

To correct this we perform an architectural assessment, concentrating on Data flow and Data Integration between key enterprise applications. The solution can include simple entity definitions, additional integration points, a MDM solution, ESB / SOA, or even the consolidation of operational systems.

To move towards an architecture that will meet the needs of your business for the years to come is no easy task. Corporations rarely have the budget set aside to implement these items immediately. Thus, our recommendations always work with your restraints. We devise a plan that can be phased in, implementing pieces of the architecture sequentially in a priority that makes sense for your business, reaching goals over a timeframe that is reasonable for everyone.

Architecture assessments are required every few years. The timing can work great if there are other major projects currently in the works, surrounding major operational systems and solutions. We can advise you on timing and the order for implementing the pieces of your architecture.


data architecture

One of the greatest benefits of good architecture is the reduced effort involved in future integration. Reusability is not a dream. It can be a reality with proper upfront design and implementation.

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