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Due to events such as major application updates, software vendor changes, Mergers and Acquisitions and system consolidations, there are times when large amounts of data are required to move from one system to another.

There are many data aspects to consider during these Migration efforts, such as

OrangePoint Relevance

OrangePoint Quantity

OrangePoint Quality

OrangePoint Methodology

We can help guide the business and technical teams in making the right choices for all these aspects. 
Why migrate data that is no longer relevant (ie. business processes have changed, the data is outdated, etc)?  
Why migrate 5 years worth of data if reports and legal only require 3? 
Why migrate data from a system that allowed manual free text, and has little value? 
When it comes to the methodology used, we ensure the process runs efficiently, creating and/or updating primary and foreign keys, and architecting a rerunable process for incremental delta loads when necessary.

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