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A Customer Master is a specific instance of an MDM solution. Customers are the most common subject of an MDM solution, and by no coincidence, they are also the common entity throughout your enterprise applications.

You likely have multiple sources of customer data; Sales Representatives, Customer Contact Center Representatives, Data Partners such as IMS / Brogan and RxCanada, targeting and segmentation systems, Alignment processing systems, Managed Market data providers, Co Promotion Partners, and so on.

Each of these sources, provides data to one of your enterprise applications, which in turn may, or may not, share with rest of the enterprise.

There is a reason for multiple sources; they each provide data that the others omit, or possibly provide data with more accuracy. Think about the benefits of taking all the best data from each of these sources, in order to construct a ‘best of breed’ record for each of your [potential] customers!

Now in addition, think of the benefits not just to constructing these pristine records, but synchronizing all enterprise applications in order to keep them looking at the identical, most accurate data.

Record construction


You have now arrived at your Customer Master vision. Your organization can now operate with a Single View of the Customer - enabling cross business initiatives, accurate reporting, and better business decisions ultimately leading to improved corporate performance.

Not there yet? We can help.  We have assessed MDM architecture, Matching Rules, Merge Rules (Survivorship), data models, and integration techniques.

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